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We had quite a wet spring but thanks to my brother Dave, the entire farm is planted (he’s on the 9N in the pic below). I couldn’t have done it without him, he’s the best brother a guy could have.

How is your garden coming along? How’s your weather? We had over 6 feet of snow this winter and I’m predicting a hot, dry summer here in the Midwest. Then again we just had a thunderstorm that dumped a couple of inches this morning. It hasn’t really rained in 3 weeks though….

Our new crop this year (drum roll please) cotton! I got a couple of packs of seeds from Baker Creek Seeds. ¬†A wonderful company who donates seeds every year to our non-profit Project Garden Share. Speaking of Project Garden Share, if you’d like some free heirloom seeds sent to you, contact me! All we ask is that you plant one for yourself and one for PGS (so you can donate it to a local food bank for those in need.)

Here are some pictures of everything from pumpkin mounds, bonfires, happy chickens and a bean trellis made from tree branches that will be covered by pole beans soon (‘How to’ Post coming soon). We are also trying out weed blocking fabric this season, I’ll let ya know how well it does…..

Garden Rows with weed fabric pumpkin mounds planting vegetable garden bean trellis bonfire farm leaf lettuce garden close up chicken golden comet tomato flower brown eggs sunset

1949 Ford 9N golden comet chickens tight garden rows with weed fabricBeans sprouting tomato row chicken Garden Garden rows Sunny summer farm day

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Bush beans planted by Uncle Keith and rows of peppers and tomatoes.








Cabbage, Black Berry Bush and Chickens love Watermelon.








Cucumbers and Zucchini







There’s always time to take a break and find a dragonfly resting or watch the kids canoe.







Pepper Plant, Manure in the Wheel Barrow and a long garden shot of the pepper rows. Of course I like to plant a couple of cherry tomato plants on the corner. That way I can grab a snack as soon as I walk in the garden.

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I gave a presentation to the Hudson Garden Club on Thursday, October 20th about the farm, organic gardening, this blog and Project Garden Share. It was a huge success! I just want to say “Thank You” again to Sherry Beam and Mary Gallo for inviting me to come lecture.

Thanks to some great marketing (see news coverage below) we had a full house of 80+ guests. Thanks for saving the stories Dot Reid! She gave me the copies before I began for my scrapbook, how sweet….

Other than a few technical glitches, the program went very smooth.

For more information about the Hudson Garden Club, please visit their website  The Hudson Garden Club is dedicated to spreading the knowledge and love of gardening, the beautification of public property and the support of education in horticultural and related fields. Wonderful!

Also, I started a Facebook Page for Project Garden Share Please help our little non-profit group get soaring by “Liking” us and asking others to do the same. PGS is a non-profit organization helping those in need of food with individuals who own land and allow needy individuals to farm their land to cultivate fresh vegetables and herbs. The land is tended to by the needy in order to grow their own food.

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