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I discovered six different mushrooms growing on the farm. I’d like to eat some, maybe put some on my pizza or in my omelet but knowing my luck, I’d probably end up tripping and spending the evening in my room underneath a blanket wishing the walls would quit melting.

So, I need to find a good reliable mycologist. Don’t worry, I had to Google “mushroom expert” to find the word mycologist I’d like to talk to one, I’m sure he’d be a fungi. I wish there was an App to take pictures of mushrooms and find out if we can eat them. If you’re a developer, call me I think we’re sitting on a fortune here…..

Separating edible from poisonous species requires meticulous attention to detail; there is no single trait by which all toxic mushrooms can be identified, nor one by which all edible mushrooms can be identified. (Wikipedia)






































I think all this rain has produced this mushroom epidemic. Here’s the creek next to us. It’s overflowing and the front yard is soaked. We got almost 5 inches of rain in the month of September, we average about 3.75 inches during that month.

Keep dry everybody!

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