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I caught this doe in the rear field this morning. I have got to get that fence repaired in the beck. Usually deer are active at dusk and dawn but this young lady was out and about around 9:30am. Not a good sign. I also caught a jack rabbit in the front garden yesterday. I won’t use chemicals to keep them out. I use hair clippings (they hate the smell of humans) I get from the local salon and I need to build a scarecrow.

Broccoli                                                   Cabbage


Corn – Planted at about 10 days apart. You can see the difference between the middle and right pic. The right pic was rototilled once again before planting so the grass is really staying out of the way as compared to the middle pic. The sweet corn looks lush green and very healthy!

Cucumbers                                                 Pumpkins

Leaf Lettuce                                                Spinach

Roma Tomatoes                                        Supersonic Tomatoes

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Peppers are starting to flower and I got celery in the ground.

Broccoli got in and tomatoes are loving this heat.

Brother Doug helped me plant, carrots, onions, basil, oregano, dill, thyme,  parsley, spinach and lettuce from seed. We cover them in straw to create a warm, wet environment to germinate the seeds faster. It also cuts down on weeds by blocking the out.


The sky turned a really crazy pink tonight so I ran outside to capture some photos. The sun painted the garden a haze of pink and the sky rumbled with thunder.

Just crazy cool and an eerie calm before the thunderstorms.

Fence and latch in the pink glow. I like the latch pic best of all.

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Had the garden and rear field tilled today. Matt brings his tractor and tills the whole field. Great guy, does a great job! If you need a guy in the area to till, get a hold of me and I’ll send you his contact info.


After Matt tilled I was able to plant about 90 tomato plants. The soil was perfect! Rich and dry and crumbling apart.


Here’s the rear field I just cut, now it’s tilled and ready for corn and pumpkins. Here’s a robin who lives in the barn. She likes to sit in the backyard next to me while I water the grass seed and sneak a tasty snack of seed. I don’t mind, there’s plenty of grass seed laid.

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