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Thanks to the help of a couple of great guys the back field got planted today! About a third of it did at least. Which is fantastic! I’ve been so busy with the front garden, I haven’t had any free time to try and work on the rear field. Keep in mind that during the month of May we got rain 26 out of 31 days. Jealous Seattle? So, waiting around to till then for the ground to dry up has been killing me.


But a all that changed this morning. Uncle Keith and Jim Frohnapfel came over  and planted like crazy!


The panted 10 Rows of soybean, 10 Rows (well mounds) of pickling cucumbers, and 10 rows of sweet corn. Each row is about 50 feet long.

Beautiful straight rows evenly spaced. These guys are pros.


and the best part it, we got rain tonight so the seeds will have a great chance of taking off this week. Will it be “knee high by the fourth of July”? Maybe…… Thanks again you two! You’re both rock stars!

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