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It’s so easy even a baby can do it….well, not really but you get my point. We were given a little machine from our Aunt Kim (a foodie and excellent cook) She does catering in the area and her bruchetta is to die for, here’s a plug for her website; http://garlicmango.com/ The machine is called a Baby Brezza. It looks like a mini food processor but it’s a lot more. It’s an All-in-One baby food maker that dices, steams and purees your veggies or fruit to perfection.







Step 1) Get some fresh veggies from the garden
Step 2) Peel the skin and chop into small pieces
Step 3) Load up the Breeza







Step 4) Set the steamer for as many minutes as the manual states (i.e. green beans steam for 20 minutes)
Step 5) Walk away and wait till it beeps
Step 6) Load the contents into small containers







Step 7) Feed to baby

I like making our own baby food for several reasons:

  • It saves money – Roughly $500-$1,300 a year
  • It’s fresh – No added preservatives
  • It’s good for our environment – No additional plastic containers and packaging
  • Piece of Mind – Knowing what I cook is the best possible food for my daughter.

Let me end by just saying that I am in no way associated with the manufacturers of this machine, I just like it. You can also go with the Baby Bullet by the maker of the Magic Bullet but you have to cook the fruits and veggies yourself.

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