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Mindy, Zoey and I  had errands to run and look who I found in the rear field planting corn when we got home….

Uncle Keith and Jim got 13 more rows of sweet corn in the ground. Which is great cause we’re getting rain tomorrow! You want to plant corn in sets of about 10 rows a week apart so when it comes in, it doesn’t all come in at once. I can’t thank UK and Jim enough for helping me get this field planted. They’ve been a huge help.

I know it’s not that exciting to look at yet but it’s growing.

See? Here’s a corn seedling we planted a few days ago and here’s a pic of the pumpkin patch all watered up. I planted Corn Ambrosia (Bi Color) Excellent gourmet eating quality. One of the sweetest SE types.

Let’s end with a picture of the onion sets popping through the soil and the pepper plants beginning to flower.



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