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When I got home from work today, I found these guys already working on the chicken coop roof. Brother Doug, Brother Dave and Jo Jo.

My Dad got a new roof put on his barn at home so he saved me some shingles that were pulled off his roof. Jeff gave me some tar paper and we were able to shingle the coop for free!

Of course we came up about 5 shingles short but a quick call to Dad and he made a call to his roofer and luckily he had a few left over he hasn’t tossed yet.

These guys are the best! No one works as hard as Dave and his son Joseph and Doug does great work too. I’m very lucky to have them live so close. Well, Doug lives in Los Angeles but he gets home once every 5 to 7 years.

I’ll get the last few shingles from my Dad tomorrow and the chickens will be happy, cool and dry all summer long.

Check out the new videos posted. I shot one of the bonfire and one of Max going for a swim in the pond. They’re on the homepage on the right side or here: Max goes for a Swim and Big ‘ol Bonfire.


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