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The roof was just a wreck so Dave and I broke it apart with a sledge hammer and crow bars. The carpenter bees were everywhere but neither of us got stung. It was hot and humid and when you’d break the roof apart the wood and dirt would fall down and stick to you.

All torn off, now we had to pull out nails.

Added some 2×4’s and used reclaimed wood we found sitting around the farm.

Brother Dave was a huge help. Definitely couldn’t have done it without him and he did really good for his fear of bees.

The chickens liked the new roof. We got 4 leghorns (white) they lay white eggs. 4 silkies (black and gray) and 2 baarred rocks (brown).

They were a little shy but started laying the next day. 6 Eggs and another 7 eggs the next day.

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